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UN secretary Ban Ki-moon condems Snowden

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Just in case anyone is in dire need for another reason to dislike the UN…

The former NSA contractor Edward Snowden misused his right to digital access and has created problems that outweigh the benefits of public disclosure, the UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon has said.
Source: The Guardian

Created problems that outweigh the benefits? What the… ?
Problems for whom exactly? A government that violates their own constitution by spying on each and everyone of their people, violating basic human rights by indiscriminately spying on millions of “foreigners” around the world and basically not giving a shit about any other nation on the planet if they please?

Ban said that in his personal opinion “the Snowden case is something I consider to be misuse.” The UN chief added that the opening up of digital communications should not be “misused in such a way as Snowden did”.

No shit he misused his access privileges to inform the public about what currently looks like the biggest violation of people’s rights in the US for at least some decades. How else would you get that information out? Ask nicely and hope you don’t get shot or sent to some secret prison, never to be seen again?

Oh well, I guess as a former South Korean minister of foreign affairs he either has his head so far up the United States ass, that he stopped thinking for himself or they quite a bit of dirt on him so he doesn’t dare to speak up. Either way, what a disgrace… One would expect the secretary general of the United Nations to at least have a backbone and convictions.

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