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The Guardian interviews Edward Snowden

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The Guardian recently did an interview with Edward Snowden. Very insightful and as always worth watching.

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July 19th, 2014 at 11:39 am

On the need of whistleblower

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Why do we need whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and Bradly Manning?


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August 27th, 2013 at 8:33 pm

US amassing strategic bombers near North Korea

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Aw, shit… If initial reports by enthusiast plane spotters and aviation aficionados are correct, it looks like the US military is taking the latest threats by North Korea a bit more serious than the broader public knows.

According to The Aviationist, the latest addition to the US presence in the region apparently includes seven B-1 Lancer long range bombers. And according to some amateur radio interceptors possibly even the E-6 Mercury airborne command and control planes… used for “providing command and control of U.S. nuclear forces should ground-based control become inoperable”

That is after a show of force by having two B-2 stealth bomber drop dummy bombs on a bomb-range near the DMZ, deploying anti-ballistic missile defense and F-22 Raptors to Guam, while North Korea moves (long-range) missiles to the coast. And of course pretty much announcing a nuclear attack on the US a few days earlier.

As if mankind didn’t face enough problems already – reanimating the cold war era? Really?

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April 5th, 2013 at 11:48 pm

North Korea approves nuclear strike on US

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Boy, that escalated quickly.
I mean, that really got out of hand fast…

SEOUL — The North Korean army said Thursday it had final approval to launch “merciless” military strikes on the United States, involving the possible use of “cutting-edge” nuclear weapons.

In a statement published by the official KCNA news agency, the General Staff of the Korean People’s Army (KPA) said it was formally informing Washington that reckless US threats would be “smashed by… cutting-edge smaller, lighter and diversified nuclear strike means”.

“The merciless operation of (our) revolutionary armed forces in this regard has been finally examined and ratified,” the statement said.

North Korea had threatened a “pre-emptive” nuclear strike against the United States a month ago, and last week the supreme army command ordered its strategic rocket units to combat status for strikes on the US mainland and US bases in Guam and Hawaii.

“The moment of explosion is approaching fast,” Thursday’s statement said, adding that a war could break out on the Korean peninsula “today or tomorrow”.

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Following earlier today’s quote by US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel

WASHINGTON — North Korea’s threats and recent actions represent a “real and clear danger” to the United States as well as its allies South Korea and Japan, US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Wednesday.

“They have nuclear capacity now, they have missile delivery capacity now,” Hagel said after giving a major strategy speech at the National Defense University, calling Pyongyang’s “bellicose dangerous rhetoric” problematic.

“We take those threats seriously, we have to take those threats seriously,” he added. “We are doing everything we can, working with the Chinese and others to defuse that situation on the peninsula.

“I hope the North will ratchet its very dangerous rhetoric down.”

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In a rare show of force in the region, Washington has deployed nuclear-capable US B-52s, B-2 stealth bombers and two US destroyers to South Korean air and sea space.

Personally, I’m just glad I’m not directly in the line of fire between a psychotic country led by a mad man and this planets first and foremost military bully / superpower known for starting endlessly expensive wars mostly for shits and giggles. But that’s just me…

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April 3rd, 2013 at 8:23 pm

The End of Everything

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Putting an end to everything, from a scientific point of view…

Hank gives us an inclusive overview of how everything in the universe is thought to have begun, and how cosmologists predict it will all come to an end. Now get happy!

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December 3rd, 2012 at 10:38 pm

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2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years

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2052: A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years”, written by Jorgen Randers (Co-Author of “The Limits to Growth”, launched by the Club of Rome on May 7, raises the possibility that humankind might not survive on the planet if it continues on its path of over-consumption and short-termism.

In the Report author Jorgen Randers raises essential questions: How many people will the planet be able to support? Will the belief in endless growth crumble? Will runaway climate change take hold? Where will quality of life improve, and where will it decline? Using painstaking research, and drawing on contributions from more than 30 thinkers in the field, he concludes that:

– While the process of adapting humanity to the planet’s limitations has started, the human response could be too slow.
– The current dominant global economies, particularly the United States, will stagnate. Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa and ten leading emerging economies (referred to as ‘BRISE’ in the Report) will progress.
– But there will still be 3 billion poor in 2052.
– China will be a success story, because of its ability to act.
– Global population will peak in 2042, because of falling fertility in urban areas
– Global GDP will grow much slower than expected, because of slower productivity growth in mature economies.
– CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere will continue to grow and cause +2°C in 2052; temperatures will reach +2.8°C in 2080, which may well trigger self-reinforcing climate change.

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December 2nd, 2012 at 6:47 pm

The Madness Of A Lost Society

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And todays uplifting piece of counter-propaganda comes courtesy of – it’s 11 minutes worth watching and thinking about.

Another ‘Black Friday’ has come and gone. And it has left us with further evidence of the complete madness of the populace of our nation. America has been dealt a fatal blow by corporate greed, Bankster malfeasance and the insidious nature of collectivism — and it’s all been done to us by design.

The once proud and independent people of the United States have, in large part, been reduced to servants of the State. As Aldous Huxley famously noted, “People can actually be made to LOVE their servitude.”

Featuring Mike Krieger, Rob Kirby, Chris Duane, Gerald Celente, Bill Murphy and many others, ‘Madness 3’ offers one last ‘fair warning’ for those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

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November 28th, 2012 at 11:04 pm

Ivan Krastev on government distrust

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Political theorist Ivan Krastev believes that we are witnessing a “crisis of democracy.”

There appears to be little dissent in Europe or the United States about whether democracy is the best form of government, Krastev says in a foreboding talk given at TEDGlobal 2012. “Democracy is the only game in town,” says Krastev. “The problem is that many people have started to believe that it is not a game worth playing.”

Over the past 30 years, he says, trust in the efficacy of democracy has begun to erode. People feel less and less like their vote matters—that while they may be able to change who is in power, they are not able to affect what actions their government takes. The consequences? A decline in electoral turnout coupled with a growing sense of distrust of those in power.

To hear Krastev’s fascinating and counterintuitive thoughts on how this crisis came to be, listen to his talk. After the jump, an assortment of surveys about government mistrust, so you can judge the situation for yourself.

In his talk, Krastev shares some startling recent findings—that only 18% of Italian and just 15% of Greek citizens believe that their vote matters. Krastev pulled these numbers from the European Commission’s “Future of Europe” public opinion survey, published in April 2012. (Download the full results from the European Commission website.) In Denmark and Sweden, faith in government remains high, with 96% and 89% of survey respondents believing that their vote is meaningful. But by contrast, Romanian and Lithuanian citizens  reported feeling largely powerless in their electoral system. Looking at the 27 countries of the European Union as a whole, only 52% of survey respondents said that they believe their vote matters inside their country. And just 33% believe that their vote matters in the context of the European Union at large.

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August 13th, 2012 at 10:41 pm

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End of the Road – How Money Became Worthless (Trailer)

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Ever dreamed of getting all the fiat money skeptics together at the same time, all in the same place? Your dream has now come true, courtesy of “End of the Road – How Money Became Worthless.”

Watch the teaser below.

End of the Road Documentary Trailer from Tim Delmastro on Vimeo.

Is the financial crisis over, or are we heading towards disaster? End of The Road portrays eleven influential commentators within the finance and investment communities, as they share their knowledge of our current financial structure. Through each of their narratives, a story is built which chronicles the current economic dilemma and paints a picture of the world’s financial future.

I’ve no idea when the full movie will actually be released, since as of now, the website seems to be down for exceeding its bandwith limit.

Update, April 2012: As of now you can sign up on their website to get an notification as soon as the movie is about to be released.

Wall street is being occupied. Europe is collapsing in on itself. Around the world, people are consumed by fear and anger, and one question is on everyone’s lips: Is the financial crisis over, or are we headed towards economic disaster?

End of the Road is a 55 minute documentary film that chronicles the global financial collapse. Told in an entertaining and easy to follow style, the film tells the story of how the world came to be in such a state, from the seeds sown after WWII, to the current troubles facing us today, and to the possible future that may await us all. Some of the world’s top economic minds share the hidden tale behind the mishandling of the world’s finances, give insight into how bad policy and a flawed monetary system joined together to create a catastrophe.

End of the Road portrays eleven influential commentators within the finance and investment communities, as they share their knowledge of our current financial structure. Through each of their narratives, a story is built which chronicles the current economic dilemma and paints a picture of the world’s financial future.

Peter Schiff
Eric Sprott
James Turk
Bill Murphy
Alasdair Macleod
Jim Puplava
G Edward Griffin
Mike Maloney
James G Rickards
Adam Fergusson MEP
Dimitri Speck

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March 22nd, 2012 at 10:01 am

Greek CDS triggered

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EMEA DC Statement

March 9, 2012

In light of today’s EMEA Determinations Committee (the EMEA DC) unanimous decision in respect of the potential Credit Event question relating to The Hellenic Republic (DC Issue 2012030901), the EMEA DC has agreed to publish the following statement:

The EMEA DC resolved that a Restructuring Credit Event has occurred under Section 4.7 of the ISDA 2003 Credit Derivatives Definitions (as amended by the July 2009 Supplement) (the 2003 Definitions) following the exercise by The Hellenic Republic of collective action clauses to amend the terms of Greek law governed bonds issued by The Hellenic Republic (the Affected Bonds) such that the right of all holders of the Affected Bonds to receive payments has been reduced.

The EMEA DC has resolved to hold an auction with respect to the settlement of standard credit default swaps for which The Hellenic Republic is the reference entity. To maximise the range of obligations that market participants may deliver in settlement of any such credit default swaps, the EMEA DC  has agreed to run an expedited auction process such that the auction itself will take place on March 19, 2012. In light of this expedited auction process, market participants should submit any obligations that they would like to include on the list of deliverable obligations to ISDA as soon as possible.

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March 9th, 2012 at 9:18 pm

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