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What does it take to get tortured for testimony?

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Just a quick reminder how far down the slippery slope of becoming a totalitarian banana-republic the United States has gone… Courtesy of ReasonTV


In September 2012, KteeO and her colleague, Matthew Duran, were imprisoned and sent to solitary confinement at Seattle Federal Detention Center for refusing to testify in front of a grand jury. They weren’t being tried for any crime, but refused to testify because of their political ideals.


What heinous crime could justify the use of solitary confinement to get KteeO and Matt to cooperate?
In this case, it was a few acts of vandalism during a May Day protest last year.


“If you’re not willing to cooperate with a grand jury’s investigation, no matter how illegitimate it seems, you can go to jail for a very long time,” says Kaplan, “and not just to jail, but it seems that the Bureau of Prisons can put you in solitary confinement for extended periods without having to justify its decision to anyone. And this could happen to any US citizen.”

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